Infographic: Coal-fired Power Plant Project Proposal in Ye Township, Mon State, Myanmar


At present, Investors find the country attractive and opportunistic for their businesses. The energy and electricity sector is among many investors. As electricity is an important infrastructure for economic development, TTCL Public Company Limited (TTCL)[1] exemplifies an example of a foreign enterprise interested in investing in a business in Myanmar’s energy and electricity sector. TTCL is an engineering company from Thailand. It proposed to build a 1,280-MW coal-fired power plant to the Myanmar government. Concurrently, the debate on the needed electricity capacity persists. High attention is given to coal-fueled power generation by the public and civil society due to potential detrimental effects on the ecosystems, livelihoods and local economy. For example, coal ash can prevent natural growth of local plants; chemical waste from the plant can contaminate local drinking water source; air pollution can lead to cancer, asthma and paralysis. Coal-fired power plant is also a major greenhouse gas and carbon emitter that contributes and catalyses climate change.

The aforementioned 1,280-MW coal-fired power plant would be Mon State’s largest coal-project. Yet, the process lacks transparency and imposes impacts on local community, making it one of the most questionable project among the public. The proposal for this coal-fired power plant resulted in one of Myanmar’s largest resistance movement with over 6,000 Mon ethnic gathered to protest and call for the end of the project.








[1] TTCL was formerly registered as Toyo-Thai Corporation Public Company Limited.

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