The Road Link project in the Dawei Deep Seaport and Special Economic Zone (SEZ) project was proceeded since 2011 until now. This road has a length of 138 kilometers from the Dawei SEZ project to Phu Nam Ron Thai-Myanmar checkpoint in Kanchanaburi Province. Throughout the past, the project’s operation has caused environmental and social impacts to Karen communities in the target area and such impacts are still there unsolved. The Thai Government through the NEDA is now financially and academically pushing the project without any attempts to fix the existing impacts. It was found through the research that the Dawei Road Link project not only directly and physically affected the communities, but also caused the consecutive impacts or hidden costs which were not mentioned in the environmental impact assessment (EIA) such as an increased cost of living and opportunity cost of losing community resources. In addition, the affected communities also expressed their concerns over the reproduced impacts which might worsen the already existing problems. The affected villagers have urged project developers and relevant agencies both in Thailand and Myanmar to rapidly resolve the current problems by means of establishing a mechanism/measure called “Tripartite Committee for the Dawei Project’s Problem Resolving and Remedy” before moving on.


Read on the final report at the link below

MM Translation Road Lin Book

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